Martin Upham:



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Hi – wow you’re prolific in interesting looking articles. I was trying to find the latest Labour Briefing article you mentioned. In any case I’ll try and catch up with some of your writings over the weekend. I’m going to shake a bucket for the Million Women Rise march on Saturday – and give a pre-march training session on how to get lots of money in the bucket (my years with the wrp weren’t wasted).

Sue from H&W


Sorry to say I’ve only just come across this blog after several years back in the UK, but I’m delighted to find my friend Martin no more backward in coming forward than ever he was. I do hope we’ll reconnect, if only because I still owe him Prom tickets…


How delightful (and unexpected!) to hear from you Edward. I have no memory of the prom tickets, other than that it was Bruckner. But if you are back in the UK, we must meet up. Martin


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